Monday, June 29, 2009

random post #58

random post #57 can be found here

So we went to Anuradhapura and came back within the space of 2 days... I believe Anuradhapura was the first city that had advertisements on road blocks... starting off with those earth-filled barrels with the "Siddhalepa" logo on them... one of my mom's old suddha bosses had once said that Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that he had seen sponsored checkpoints in... hmmm :)

So, I reprised my role as the family map-man, the guy who takes all the heat when he misreads a map and says "left" instead of "right" you know? I was like pretending to eat all the way upto Anuradhapura since I still have trouble with left right... hehe ;)


So on our way back, saw in the distance Mihinthale, and I thought it was Ritigala so... and Thathi tells me that it's not, and points at a large grey blob in the distance... So Ritigala... we meet again!

I remember how so many years ago, when we went to Anuradhapura, the family had decided to go to Ritigala... I had got into a fight with Ammi that day and I refused to go, opting instead to stay with my little cousin malla and my aunt... so they went! without me! and the little backstabber totally went to sleep (he was 2 years old or something... but still!) and so I was left jobless and sulking the whole day... hmph!

Last year we were passing Ritigala on the Maradankadawala-Habarana road... and it was freaking Ginormous!!! You couldn't believe that a mountain of that size could exist smack in the middle of the plains of the dry zone! It was truly surreal, and the fact that I missed out on such a beauty kinda dawned on me... :(

So Ritigala, mate... I shall climb you someday! and since they say you're a part of the Himalayas, that'd be as good as me climbing Everest! Someday mate, someday!

Footnote: I'm trying out a new Flickr account since my Picasa account kinda killed itself when I switched my Google account... :S why couldn't it be more supportive, like its sisters Analytica and Blogga... even Reada is so easy to set up... I dunno Picasa... you really broke my heart! :P (This Flickr account has since been deleted. The photos from the trip can be seen here)

Footnote 2: Thank goodness for Blogger autosaving the post... MAAAN! the power just went (so did my UPS!) and I was like *sheeeet* :D

Footnote 3: sorry for being a whiny self-pitying sorry ass in the last few days... I have realized that I'm just 18 and if I don't make mistakes now and learn from them, I'll end up making them when I really can't afford to... Really really sorry if I freaked you (yes YOU!!! over there on the corner mister!) out... :)