Friday, April 30, 2010


Hey 'sphere! :D It's nice to be back after a while. My modem was giving some issues and I couldn't come online, and with the added workload from Finals I didn't get it fixed till today, and now I'm back online. Thank you for checking up on me, Harumi! :)

There are so many things to write about and so many blogs to catch up on, and this two month long holiday of ours will provide ample time for both... But for now, I've gotta go sleep. I hope I'll be seeing you, yes YOU, at tomorrow's gig. Not that I'm a fan of Black Metal but our very own St. Fallen will be performing!

Excited, I am! :D

Monday, April 12, 2010

A sunrise and a sunset

I don't think I'll be posting anything for a while, so I thought I'd upload some photos that I took around the house... :)

These two were taken on the same day, looking east as the Sun woke up. I'm beginning to play around with the centre-weighted exposure metering on the camera. Funny thing is that I didn't know this feature even EXISTED before I took my first proper look at the manual after like an year and a half of using the camera... *facepalm*

These were taken today, as dusk set in. The first was looking eastwards and the second was looking westwards. We get such lovely sunsets sometimes, and this makes me wish I had a rooftop like Me-shak's! :D

And the final photo is totally unrelated to the whole 'Sunrise sunset' theme, and depicts some little Monkeyboos having mangoes after their leader raided our tree! My comfortable slumber was interrupted by these fellows and had to rush out with eyes still half-closed to chase the buggers away... *grumble* :D

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


"Sit down, I want to talk to you guys" A guy pushes his way into the hall just as we were about to leave.

"Three things I wanna tell you. First, there's an Avurudu festival at Malabe tomorrow, I want everyone in this class to attend."

When he spoke, the class that many lecturers had found hard to control was dead silent.

"Second, there are some absolute jerks in the second year. Please don't get provoked by them. I know that you guys can hammer the shit out of those fellows, but please don't. They're in better terms with the lecturers, and you guys will end up getting suspended in vain."

The guy, who looked really familiar for some reason, spoke on without any sort of hesitation in his voice. He was facing a crowd of a hundred and fifty increasingly hungry students that he was keeping from having lunch. But everyone was still uncharacteristically silent.

"Third, remember why you came here. Not to flirt, not to get into messy relationships, but to study. I'm not telling you not to have fun. Have a girlfriend, or girlfriends or whatever! But don't forget your core target here. Don't let some girl or boy or friend or even your best friend ruin that for you."

"Ok, now cheer up. What are you guys, robots or something? Don't look so scared, I'm just another guy who's giving some helpful advice. So, anyone here who disagrees with me?"


"Anyone here who agrees?" "Raise your hands" "Oh come on! Raise them UP!!!"

I think the whole class raised their hands. I sure did... :)


Like I said before, he looked quite familiar. I later found out that he was from my school, a few years my senior. There are group projects that student groups have to do, and usually these groups have 10 students. His group has only 3, I got to know, and they have consistently got the highest marks in their batch for all group assignments. If you can go into a hall full of 150 hungry and rather badly behaved first years and speak to them for 15 minutes and get out of there alive, then I don't see how you can even dream of screwing up a presentation in front of a couple of nice lecturers... :D