Monday, June 29, 2009

Night Rant? Oui!

MTV! If not for them showing Fox News (yes, I'm not a liberal pinhead, deal with it!), I'd just erase them off my TV channels forever! I mean, any little kid would know that the 6PM - 9PM belt is a very lucrative time period for any TV channel... and what do these guys show? Some Hindi baila! I mean, nothing against Hindi music, but a bloody English channel (one of only 3 that we have!) showing Hindi stuff during primetime?! I mean, can't they show repeats of the late night tucked away stuff atleast? Maybe I'll get to catch a few episodes of Jake in Progress or House... Is that too much to ask? :/

ETV is beyond redemption, I mean when there's no American Idol these guys just show the same bullshit every freaking week! and ARTtv seems to think that it's bloody CNN, showing all business programs and stuff...

Meh, this all started with these buggers and their stupid levy on foreign TV shows... has that stopped Mahagedara? Ah? Has it??!

If you told me 4 years ago that this was going to happen to English language channels, I would've laughed my ____ off!

I guess I'd start watching that stupid Swarnavahini-mahagedara-ripoff from tomorrow...