This Blog

  • was 'founded' (lol) on 12 February 2009, on Wordpress as "Gonbetta Dreams" (crappy title, I know!)
  • was added to Kottu four days later. Thanks Indi! :D
  • was moved to Blogger, and it's first post written on 20 February. The reason roughly was that Blogger allowed greater control over the blog and it's design (And I've enjoyed playing around with the stylesheet ever since!)
  • was first commented on by Kirigalpoththa on 22 February, who had the sense to tell me to change my name! He has remained a close blogger-buddy and I changed the name on 10th March to Chavie. (yes it took me a while to figure out that I had no future as a gonbetta... lol) ;)
  • was first followed by Hijinx, on 14th March...
  • was given that fab tag cloud on 22 April. You can get your blog a cloud from here. Remember, don't use apostrophes in your labels if you want it to work!
  • was merged with my geeky blog and moved to the current URL on 10 November 2011. And so ended Chavie's little run. ;)

This post was created on 24 May 2009 (and moved to the newly added Blogger pages in February 2010). Of course the blogger maybe lying! ;P