Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The End!

Exams are over!!! I'm feeling all sentimental about the last 2 and a half years... missing my friends and stuff... :)

So what DID I learn at the end of the day?
  • Driving exams are all good and well, but getting your license doesn't mean your parents are going to let you drive... Sad but true, I spent more time at Werahera that day getting my license than I've spent driving since. It's pathetic, so pathetic that I think I've forgotten how to do the clutch-balance properly now... ARRRGH!!! :(
  • You may grumble what a bunch of idiots the school administration is, but at the end of the day they do their job... You have to apply for exams yourself and go to a gazillion places and rasti-fy to understand what a load of work they save you from!
  • Blogging is amazing!!! maybe even better than Facebook?! :D
  • Wars are long and bloody affairs... At the end of the day there are no winners, everybody just loses! People lose their lives, their limbs, their belongings and their freedom, sorta like that line from Won't Get Fooled Again: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!" We need to let those people go!!! (and if you haven't listened to that song: DO IT! one of the best songs ever IMHO!)
  • In a classroom, it's always better to pretend that you're below average! The people you befriend in that situation don't like you because you're smart and they can copy off you, but because they genuinely like you. *feels all lovey dovey* :) plus, you'll never get blasted by the teacher for doing better than him, right? ;)
  • The British Council will NEVER call you back. You should always call them and find out whatever you want. Simple fact, talking from experience! This applies to government departments as well, although calling one of those will be a waste of your money, time and good health, unless of course you use Upahara! hahaha ;D
  • Never say never, there's always a way, but it might be wise to ask for help! (That is, unless you're at an exam! haha) :D
  • The most docile and innocent looking creatures (no I'm not talking about squirrels here!) can turn on you, with such force that you wouldn't know what hit you! Never underestimate the power of words...
  • Never forget your true friends, they help you out when everything seems lost!
  • Twitter is addictive! stay off it... ;(
  • There's good music out there, hidden away by the sands of time...
  • The internet is just awesome, you can uncover all these said heaps of good music, hidden away by the sands of time™ :P :D
  • Never pay for music, we're poor enough already! (Viva la Pirate Bay!) ;)
  • Learn to play an instrument, it's an investment you're never going to regret. (That being said, I haven't learned anything yet! hahaha)
  • January exams are always easier than June exams! Trust me on this one... :)
  • Depend on xkcd for all your life's decisions! :P
  • NEVER EVER DO EDEXCEL APPLIED ICT!!! YOUR TIME IS BETTER SPENT LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE EVEN THOUGH YOUR PARENTS DON'T LET YOU DRIVE ANYWAY! It's just the most pointless subject ever, you don't even get enough marks for the time and effort you put into it... If you're doing London exams, do Cambridge, which is much more recognized. If you're forced to do Edexcel do something worthwhile like Further Pure maths or Chemistry (even if you're planning to do something computer-related at Uni), at least you'll get some good marks... :)
  • Oh, and don't listen to rock music before an exam, it keeps playing over and over in your head when you're in the hall doing the exam... and you feel like singing along! :S (happened yesterday! The Rolling Stones were playing a concert in Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium! lol) ;)