Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Call me names, call me what you will...

... but I did the right thing, not the easy thing, and quit twitter and facebook. I think I'll be back, I really do think twitter is the way of the future, but right now my time will be better spent on my studies. As they say in that old poem, knowledge is the only treasure that one can have, that neither kings nor floods nor thieves can take away from you. After my exams finish on June 16th, we'll see what we can do... :)

Before I leave, I wanted to thank all the people who made every moment of twitter enjoyable and fun and addictive. Thanks Pseudorandom, Papare Boy, Dili, Vileness, Pavithri, Tulie, Meg, Dinidu, St. Fallen, Charm, Maks, Sabby, Deece, Hisham, LadyD, Whack, Jerry & Gehan (wink wink) and everyone else I've forgotten (feel free to throw shoes at me in the comments section!) ;)

And whoever's pretending to be you-know-who (yes, I hate to destroy Voldy's name like this too, but wut tu duu?) on twitter is doing quite a job! I think you're impressions of him are flawless man! :D

And yes, this will also be the last post I'll be writing for a while, coz there's no way I'm going to stop this online procrastination if I don't stop blogging. But since I spend waaaay more time reading blogs than writing anything, I'm going to sadly have to stop that too... I'm going to miss reading him, him, him and him the most (well the rest of you too, but I've already linked no? hehe) :) But my google reader will be saving up your posts for later, so no worries, I'll probably have a blog-reading-orgy sometime in late June ;) muhahaha

So forgive me for my sins, my disappearing blogposts and my crappy writing, my lame jokes and my constant LTPness (wink @PR) and no, I won't be secretly blogging under the names "gonbetta" or "halmassa" or anything like that for the next 1½ months! what made you think that??? :P :)

Goodbye guys,
I loved every moment I spent on twitter! Thank you for making it that way! :)

K this is it, wish me luck guys! :D

Oh, and the baby squirrels want me to say "ting ting" to everyone for them! ;)