Friday, April 24, 2009

Lēn Daruwo

I promised yall that I'll upload the pics if possible... but keeping a baby squirrel in your hands requires both hands. They haven't even opened their eyes yet, but these little tykes are as active as hell... and as for the title, my grandfather, who found these droplets of love mother-less and starving calls them just that: daruwo! (it's a very written-language-ish Sinhala word usually used to mean human children) Would've loved to post pics of how they're fed milk through a pipette, but that would require yours truly to have another arm maybe... hehe ;)

it's hard to photograph these little angels:

Anyways, elections are tomorrow... Wish I had the chance to vote, I would've definitely used it... So those who are eligible SHOULD go out and do it... I have seen in these American TV series' how it's kinda taboo in the US to not vote but later complain about the politicians who were elected. Since Sri Lankans love to complain about politicians (it's definitely a national pastime one can say!), we should all atleast go out and vote! noh? ;)