Saturday, April 4, 2009


Even guys who take in all the bull in life and laugh it all out have some tough times. When the dude who's marking my computer project for my A/L's told me that he was expecting the completed project to be handed in next monday all I did was utter "when you're given lemons make lemonade..." and started doing what little I could to salvage a few precious marks... and why am I wasting time on blogger right now, with a deadline looming in 48 hours? There's a misguided belief in me somewhere that I might get an extension (fat chance!) and then there's the fact that my mind is not letting me relax, it doesn't even let me finish my breakfast. Yep had to throw half my plate to the bird feeding thing, and couldn't even finish the banana that I foolishly tried to gnaw. There are some forces in here trying to overthrow my "take it easy... everything in life happens for a reason" regime, and in the end I'm left suffering! Way to go anarchists! :)