Friday, April 17, 2009

12 Simple sins...

Making use of Dee Cee's open tag, here are my 12 simple sins: (although none of them are really sinful when you think about it...)
  1. Waking up naturally (without an alarm etc.) at 6.30... Really love it coz when I wake up at around 9 like I usually do (lazy is not the word to describe me... lol), I feel that I've wasted the best time of the day even before it began! I think it's a family trait, this being insanely early shit... I for one ain't complaining... :)
  2. Drinking my morning milk + milo... Made by myself, just the right concentration, just the right ratio of hot water to cold water. Makes my day!
  3. Eating a good plateful of rice, with fish, wattakka, gotukola mallum and cooked mangoes... Delicious and Nutritious! :)
  4. Catching a Beatles song on the radio... Although I have 113 of their songs (and their solo work: 10 by Harrison, 6 by McCartney, 4 by Lennon) it's still a pleasure to listen to it in the car, knowing the parents are listening too, coz I rarely listen to stuff with them, and having stuff we can listen together is pretty nice... And they weren't called the Fab four for nothing, there's something truly magical in those perfectly harmonising vocals I tell you!
  5. A meetup with the good friends... Only the best ones, not the pretenders!
  6. Going places, travelling... Rajarata, Ruhuna or the hills (yes I sound like a radio presenter giving out the frequencies... lol) and hopefully the North and the East in the near future...
  7. A drive through the streets of Colombo, on a holiday (like the one we're having now, when the streets are virtually deserted) at dusk! I love the shadows and the light falling through the high rises into the little lanes!
  8. Watching a good comedy. The last good one I watched and can still remember why I laughed is "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".
  9. Reading a good blogpost... Something funny and thought provoking at the same time... RD is the man when it comes to stuff like that... :)
  10. Eating mangoes! :D or durian, or rambutan, or avacadoes, or ripe-to-the-perfect-degree (any Sri Lankan ought to know what that means) kolikuttu with tikiri marie! (what can I say, I'm a simple man! haha)
  11. Time spent with the cousins, all of them! and at a place where we can play our good long games of cricket from dawn to dusk!
  12. Seeing that look of quiet pride in the parents' eyes when I do well at something... Priceless! :)