Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Morning After

I look around as I enter Uni. Everywhere I look, people have their sad face on. Hushed discussions between like-minded folk in the canteen speak of various ways in which the election was rigged. Non offer any solid evidence, but they seem convinced, and sad. The Colombo middle class, the UNP's most bankable vote block, has once again been disappointed. There seems to be a silent consensus that we're indeed doomed to 8 (or 6, depending on who you ask) more years of the same corruption and nepotism.

Election night, I was at a friend's OMGWTFBBQ-night. Most of the guys there were leaving the country for higher education in the next month or so. The firm belief that the opposition candidate was going to win evaporated (like the food on the table, earlier in the night) as the results came in, one defeat at a time. My friends were sure glad that they were escaping the hell-hole well before the storm strikes. I on the other hand, thought about what Cerno said, and focused my attention on watching 'Sherlock Holmes' projected onto the wall instead. But it sure sucks being a UNPer these days... these Royalists are like, inherently bad at running it, nuh? ;)