Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't stone me plz!

The following post is just me practising writing, and does not reflect my personal views. Srsly! ;)

Man loves burning stuff. Ever since the earliest days of civilisation, they have held the ability to burn stuff in high esteem. Greek mythology speaks of how the humans stole from the gods this rare treasure called fire. Fire burns. Food on election night, the opponent's offices the day after. But I digress.

Humans have been burning stuff from the beginning of time. Chopping down trees. Burning down cities. Driving entire species into extinction. Some may call this 'destruction'. But *some* may call this 'cultivation', or 'progress'. Humans have evolved, from burning wood on an open fire, to burning coal in a stove, to burning petroleum inside sealed engines. They will progress, in due course, to burning Hydrogen into Helium, in a process known as fusion, but till that process is perfected, we're stuck with oil.

Then, there's our Facebook generation. Discontent with not being able to do anything worthwhile with their lives, they play Farmville instead. The whole anthropogenic climate change debate is like big old Lake Baikal in the middle of their lifeless desert. Hence the activism, and the need to 'make a change'. The generation before them went to the Moon. Now it's their chance to shine. How could anyone claim that climate change isn't happening, or that it isn't caused by human activity?! How unscientific, and even more importantly, how uncool! To dash the dream of an entire generation. A dream to stop humans from progressing and moving on to something more sustainable. Nooooo, don't do it man!

But take my advice son, you can't turn back 500,000 years of 'damage' in one or two decades. And when an issue becomes too big for you to solve, do what we islanders do when things don't go our way. Sit back, relax, and think about how everything is not as bad as it could be as you doze off in the new, improved, and definitely warmer Planet Earth! ;)

And Mr. Hippie, next time you're sitting there smoking some good 'Mother Nature', think about the Carbon emissions man!