Monday, January 18, 2010

Anuradhapura: Part 2

Part 1 can be seen here

Thuparamaya at night



It was about 7 AM the next day when we arrived at Mirisawatiya, and we were greeted by some retired test cricketers! ;)

...and these 3 handsome kingfishers:

...and a family of mynas, looking wet after a bath! :D

We planned to visit Thanthirimale, the Charikaramaya and Isurumuniya afterwards. 

Both Thanthirimale and the Charikaramaya were really really green with trees growing and lakes filled up due to the monsoon rains. They seemed much greener than when Harumi visited last August.


Thanthirimale is believed to be the ancient village of 'Thiwanka Bamunugama', where the party led by King Tissa transporting the Sri Maha Bodhi sapling to Anuradhapura are said to have rested. 


One of the original 8 saplings from the Bodhi in Anuradhapura
is said to have been planted in Thanthirimale


Thanthirimale can only be described as a vast sea of
Granite. Please visit before the sun heats up the rock and makes it impassable.

The new shrine room was completed recently thanks to
donations made by pilgrims who visited Thanthirimale

Some of the footpaths in Thanthirimale had been flooded by the rainwater.

The Charikaramaya

The 'Siri Sambuddha Pancha Sathika Shrawaka Charikaramaya' (situated on the Wilachchiya road, which we use to travel to Thanthirimale) had been mostly completed, with only the last few (about 100-50) statues and rock-shaped Shrine room were yet to be completed and painted. When completed the statues will depict The Buddha and 500 disciples travelling on foot. Every statue is unique in the sense that they had taken pains to make small differences to the faces and stances of each disciple.


Some statues and the rock-shaped Shrine room were
yet to be completed.


We visited Isurumuniya (near the Tissa wewa bund) and as traditionally done, threw coins into a carved niche in the rock, which if done successfully, is supposed to grant your wish. Yeah, you're supposed to make a wish before you throw the coin, and I forgot this essential detail in my hurry to somehow impress everyone by throwing a coin in. I overheard someone there saying "I hoped for an overwhelming victory for the President" but yeah, let's not go there! :P

Lucky Niche

Isurumuni rock, as seen above the shrine room

Some say this is the family of King Dutugemunu (erm, no jokes here! lol)

Isurumuni Lovers

Last pic my camera snapped before the battery went boo-hoo! :(


We usually stay at M.R. Tourist Rest on Kurunegala Road, near Wessagiriya complex. It's a good place with tiled bathrooms and good food. The manager, Mr. Dissanayaka, can be contacted on 025-7902255. Yes, I was paid to promote them, envy me! :P

So yeah, that was my long weekend! It was totally worth cutting uni on Friday... ;D

what??!! :P