Thursday, October 1, 2009

The New Post button... just plain annoying, waiting there on the Dashboard, all big and blue, assuming that you've got something to write! :/


I complained sometime back that I hadn't written anything properly for quite some time... it's just that I've never been a natural writer, writing always seems to stress me out and take waaaay too much effort (unless I have exams, coz then posts seem to flow into my mind fully formed and ready to be published! lol)

But I'm tired of seeing the same old posts on the top of the blog so here I am, clicking on that 'New Post' button! Very little blogworthy stuff have been happening on this end of the line, unless you want to read a boring post on washing the car or spraying hormones onto bananas... (ok that sounds a biiit wrong! lol)

I'm talking about boring stuff that I can blog about, but this post is turning out to be even more boring! :S I'll stop now, and leave you with my excuse for not blogging: