Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Night...

was horrid! The beautiful 'oooh I feel like running around naked in this' (ok a bit of an exaggeration so...) rains of August and September have passed, replaced by the 'I wanna fry your brain' electrical storms of October... I dunno if it was the divine chocolate biscuit pudding that I had had earlier in the night or whether the good break we had enjoyed from lightning (and exploding buses for that matter! hehe) had made me soft, but I felt as if my head was going to explode because of the thunder... I.Hate.Lightning!!! -_-

But the highlight of the whole night was seeing a Lifehacker article which said that Firefox 3.6 Beta would startup in under 3 seconds... but this was proven to be a dream when I woke up this morning and Firefox was PMSing on me again, and took like 5 minutes to start up! -_- Oh Mozilla! Do you not want me to use your amazing browser? :/