Thursday, October 8, 2009


I Need You is a song off The Beatles' fifth album, 'Help!'. Written by George Harrison it was prolly meant for Pattie Boyd, his (and Eric Clapton's! what was it with her and guitarists? lol) future wife whom he was trying to date (apparently unsuccessfully) at the time... good song I must say, they all look like they're freezing in that video though! ;) I can't also figure out what all the tanks/army dudes are sitting there doing! are they gonna bomb the fab four or something? O.o

So, one of my best friends knows about the blog now... wazzup Sai! :P :D

anyways, posting this coz I've kinda gone AWOL from the twittersphere and stuff... not to worry, I'm still alive and well... ;) *cue groans*

I was reading some of my older posts, and it occurred to me that this is not the first time I've found it hard to update my blog because I think too much, so I'm just gonna take my 'fukitol' pill and be normal again! :D

by the way, where have Harumi and MTC disappeared to? :S I totally miss you guys and your writing!

p.s. this better not get posted on the thread Sai! :P ;)