Monday, March 9, 2009

Thora FTW!

The big match is happening in 3 days time, and everyone's getting ready with the essentials: the tents, the papré bands and obviously the booze. Disease has an interesting article about what makes people travel thousands of miles, leaving behind their families and jobs, just to come and watch the spectacle.

The Thomians are definitely the underdogs this year, but aren't we always? :) The outcome of the big match cannot be merely predicted by statistics alone. There's so much passion and expectation going into the match that star players might underperform due to the stress and youngsters might lead their teams to a win. It's like the world cup final of school cricket one might say. All this uncertainty makes the big match one heck of a game of cricket, and even if the action in the middle gets pretty slow and boring, there's plenty more to keep the eyes happy all day... ;)

Enjoy the big match everyone!
Esto Perpetua