Saturday, March 28, 2009

Disturbing Torture Dream

Originally Published at 4:32 AM, Republishing coz it won't appear on my RSS feed! :/

I just spontaneously woke up from a dream and decided this needed to be written down, hope my parents don't wake up and accuse me of being addicted to the computer or something (I complained of eye pain last night and my mom was like "don't be on that thing 24/7" and i agree with her!)

So my dream; here goes nothing!

long post warning!

It started slow [OMG mom's alarm's ringing!!!] with me looking at the sky from the back yard and seeing a plane approaching. See, our back yard looks towards Rathmalana, so seeing a plane is no big deal, but this one, on coming closer, turns out to be an F16!!!! and I'm like "Whoa! Where did we find the money to buy one of those?" :/ so when talking F16, the first thing they [who? me?] talk about is "maneuverability" and so this plane starts doing the loops and you know general air-show crap. (don't get me wrong, I love air-shows)

So somehow the scene shifts to my father's birthday, which we're having in the back verandah!? K, that's a first! and then I see 3 F16's doing the loopy things, and we take a quick picture of thaththi and the birthday cake, then start videoing the planes. And we're like 2 seconds in when one of them crashes into a tall building!!! (there aren't any tall buildings there in reality, but this ain't reality! so...) and we're all like "OMG!!!" and mom's saying something plain silly like "see the people walking in the runway? (again, in reality we're far faaaar away from Rathmalana, we don't see no runway, but...) they have to avoid those and crash anywhere else they like!" (and yea I know how stupid that sounds... but since it's my dream, attribute all the stupidity to my subconscious thought process!)

So anyway, I dunno the scene "fades" out [not really, I've just forgotten] to one where my cousins and I are trapped in a prison! and we're like arguing what to do...

The elder (my favorite aiya) tells us that there's no choice, we gotta go with the clean cut butcher who maims us with his sword [dark, I know!!!] and sends us to hospital! and then the others are like "yea, I'm with you" and the jailers are like "come eat your last meal" and I'm like "I don't want to live thru so much pain, I'm going to the executioner, who never sends anyone out alive!!!" and then I meet my father and grandfather who are visiting the prison, and I ask my father "why the hell are we in jail?" and he's like "yall brought this onto yourselves" and I'm like "what??? we murdered someone or something???" and he's like "I told you not to do heroin!!" and I'm like "what the!!!" and then I see mom, and I'm like crying and telling her to tell dad that I don't do drugs and she's awesome, and tells my dad that I never even drink, let alone do drugs... and I'm like happpieeeeeh!!! and then my grandfather, and he's again like "yall brought this onto yourselves!" and I'm again like "wtf did we do???" and he accuses me of stealing a "pipe" used for a "poojawa" (yeah, i totally don't get this) to "smoke" heroin! and again, I'm like a) I don't "smoke" anything! let alone heroin and b) you don't need a "pipe" to do heroin, you just snort it right? (not sure though, the woman in "Role Models" says it's snorting) and again I'm like crying and hugging my mom and she backs me up...

and I wake up, almost crying! and decide to write this! now the whole world knows! :/ and FYI I don't have any "issues" with any of my close family, which is why this is more disturbing to me than seems. I'm wondering what triggered my head to show me this B grade film tonight... (last night?) maybe it was that Kamaranka (I dunno if that's the correct spelling) cutting thing we did last night, maybe not... anyway, I'm like :S here!