Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Bad case of blogger's block...

I'm not much of a spontaneous person, so unless something big happens and I feel an urge to write it down, you wouldn't find any posts from me which I hadn't carefully cut and chopped and made as non-offensive to anyone as I can. The post about the news presenter was a kinda joke so it doesn't count... :)

Anyway, since overthinking is my thing, I thought about many things to blog about. My adventures with my friends was the obvious first choice, until I realised that I never accompanied my friends on anything adventurous. This is big match season, and all of them must be climbing over walls and getting chased by angry cops... and I, a free man, a school child no more, can just join 'em right? no problems from school, no suspensions, no scene! But I don't. and I don't know why. It's simply inexplicable.

The second thing I thought about writing was chicks, and how Facebook has changed the mating game. Well, it hasn't for me. If not for the internet I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have missed so many real world opportunities. Here's how picking up a girl with Facebook goes: You see a girl, you find out her name through 'other' sources, you search her up on Facebook, see she's not a member, slap yourself hard and begin to cry... This IM/Facebook culture has destroyed the art of meeting, greeting and getting the phone number. Damn... :S

The third, obviously veering into political territory, was a condemnation of the attack on our cricketers. Here are 15 kids that every freaking Sri Lankan loves... no matter how divided we are, we'd all watch the match on the TV together. We'd cheer together when our boys did well, but would never go and burn their houses if the lost, would we? Unlike some of our neighbours. And according to what Mahela was saying on the Telly yesterday, if that one rocket had hit the bus and not some lamppost, we would've lost them. Our heroes, our symbols of unity... gone in a few seconds! imagine that... I sure don't want to.

Yep, well atleast I blogged about not being able to blog and got a rather decent post out of it. woot! :)