Friday, March 13, 2009

And that's what they call Thomian grit!

Have you seen the Thomian boys' tent when Thora is almost down and out, and all hope seems lost? If you have, then you'd understand why it's pretty hard to beat these 3000 stubborn little tykes from Mount when it comes to enthusiasm. They're always up and dancing, singing their brilliant old songs backed by the paparé, and doing the Thora paara at regular intervals. And the famed Thomian Grit certainly showed in the second innings, as both Saleem and Nirru made exceptional centuries. Certainly what we needed was a captain's knock, and that's exactly what we got!

So whatever happens tomorrow, and I'm not ruling out a Royal victory, our boys will always be up and cheering, because we do love our lovely lovely STC no matter what!

Special congratulations to my classmate Nirrushan, on a brilliant unbeaten knock of 103. Lead us to a win mate!

Esto Perpetua!!! :)