Monday, March 8, 2010

The one after that

I'm terrible at this form of writing, but I hope everyone will forgive me for writing this little n00bass tale! :)

"Do you remember the first time we met?"

The girls giggle.

"You were soooo bigheaded, man!" Penny says, in her jovial tone.

"Was not... we were really normal kids" Will replies.

"Haha, were we?" James says, barely concealing his laughter... "The others might have had a different idea about how we looked"

"I still remember that shy smile you put the first time you talked to us" Lily says, looking at James.

The girls giggle again.


It was their first major test after joining. The kids were streaming out of the classroom, but Kim just lay there, face hidden behind cupped hands. It was obvious to Chris and Will that she was crying.

"Go and tell Sean", Will told James.

An hour later, her tears were falling down harder than ever.

"I can't do this anymore guys. He doesn't want me to continue... He says we have enough money to last 5 generations now, he doesn't want me to finish this..."


It was a warm and sweaty March afternoon, much like the early March drought of 2010.

"You guys sure you want to do this?" Sean asked.

"With pleasure mate" replied Will.

"There, her car's coming in. She's getting down!" James points at the black Mercedes Benz.

The boys cross the Galle Road, and what happened in the minute that followed will forever be remembered by everyone in their batch. In one swift move, Sean punched the Groom in the face, took her hand, and in a flurry of Wedding gown, they were on the run. Running down Galle Road in the midday sun, hailing down a 100 bus, and making a dash for it. Very reminiscent of 'The Graduate', yes. But Kim hated that movie, and her smile faded far quicker than Elaine's did.


It was indeed a miracle that they were graduating together on that day, but their time was up. They walked out of the little room, Kim and Sean with their hands intertwined, and Will looking at Penny in the weirdest way possible. But that, my friends, is a story for another day! ;)