Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello 'sphere, how have you been?

It's a beautiful sunny Thursday morning, and I don't have any lectures today! :D YAY!

I wanted to write a post about everything that went on, but was just utterly exhausted at the end of the past few days to get around to it. My posting frequency has gone down a bit in the last few months or so, and I need to get it back up to something acceptable like 10 posts a month, at least...

So anyway, last Sunday I got onto a 255 (always a bad idea) to go to Mount, and the busdriverkakkiman took 1 hour and a lazy 15 more minutes to get there. Why go to Mount on a Sunday, you might ask. Well, it was to go see TRALE, which would be ending on Sunday, or so I thought. A quick walk from the bus stand took me to the Small Club grounds, but when I got there I found out to my utter horror that it was empty, there was a Cessna which was partially covered up and a Helicopter on a truck waiting to be taken away. The poster that I had put up had it's dates wrong, you see, and the supposed 3 day event had been reduced to a 2 day one. It was one of those epic *facepalm* moments, as fell down on my knees and started wailing like a baby. Or not.

Anyway, the day's adventures were far from over. It was Paparé Boy's birthday and the wonderful bunch of bloggers had decided to throw him a surprise party, since he was all emo and going to slit his wrists and kill himself one of these days! hahahaha ;). So anyway, I went up to ODEL and happened to see Jerry walking out, I shouted "JERRY", "GERALDINE" and "BOB THE BUILDER" but alas, my uppercase shouts went unheard. So I did what every stalker at his first stalker blogger meet-up does and followed the poor boy, ambushed him right in the middle of the road and stabbed him in the back with a bottle of Apple Soda. And then waved, said hi and smiled my sweetest little smile. What a way to introduce yourself, right?! :D Anyway, the meetup was fun, everybody was really fun to listen to. And that's what I did. I mean, it was too much fun to just watch them interact and listen to stories of how Paparé Boy did unmentionable things to fellow male bloggers and how oceangirl- errrm, nevermind! :D Anyway, in the middle of all of this I got a mad urge to shout "Wordpress SUCKS!", but it was just me and Paparé Boy against like 9 highly muscular Wordpress users so I kept my mouth shut! ;) The night ended with Makuluwo and Foxy discussing how best to kill babies with your bare hands or something sick like that, and then beating the crap out of each other Foxy. All in all, it was awesome to finally meet the people behind some of the best blogs in Sri Lanka and I can't wait to do it again! :)

Annnnnnyyyyywaaaaai, I'm really bored now. It's 11:21 and if we had uni today Y, Me-shak and I would be sitting at a table in the canteen, doing our customary ritual of cut-the-lecture-and-sip-tea. Well, they sip the tea and I sip a Milo. I never really got the concept of tea. I mean, boiled leaves and sugar? :/ And I come from a family involved in this whole tea racket also, such a traitor! lol ;D