Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's ROYTHO Taiym!!! :D

I'm about to make a shocking revelation. Recent polls have shown that most people don't go to the Roy-Tho to watch cricket! This might be shocking, but it kinda makes sense too.

A wise man (I can't remember exactly, but I guess it was a blogger) once said "The Roy-Tho isn't a match mate, it's a freaking Carnival!", and I couldn't agree with him more. What sets this 131-year-old annual spectacle (the second longest running continuous series in the history of Cricket) apart from any other match is the carnival-like atmosphere that prevails. The segment of the match that most people really look forward to isn't the cricket, but the breaks - for lunch, for tea and after play has finished - when everybody takes to the field and goes around and around, meeting old friends and making new ones. The huge Royal and Thomian college flags make their laps, and old boys singing their school songs lustily. Everyone joining in on the fun: the old, the new, the Royalists, the Thomians, the boys and of course, the lovely ladies that the big match never fails to attract.

Play will get underway in a couple of hours time, and I'll be missing the first day due to some unfortunate circumstances. But all I can say right now is "I'm glad to be a (tiny) part of this!". May the brotherhood and the friendly rivalry between these two great schools last forever! :)