Saturday, March 20, 2010

Of the past, present, 'feelings' and lau...

Not my longest title ever, but yeah... prettttty long! ;)

I'm in a I-don't-wanna-eat-anything mood today. I was going through some old photos from the good year that was 2008. Me, classmates, brothers forever, class trip to the beach, fun... you get the picture right? I miss that brotherhood. I'm not saying that I don't have good friends anymore (my friends are awesome) but the thing is, those uncomplicated days of having fun whenever we wanted to have fun are over. I mean, at uni it's gotten to a point where my friends and I can't be happy even when we want to be, as if a swarm of dementors are forever hanging over us.

This started a few weeks back, during the midterms and just after, and (predictably) involves some girls. They had been dropping hints to a mutual friend that my friends and I don't talk to them and that we're apparently 'big headed'! :S Hello!!! You don't even know us! :/ Things have gotten into a muddled soup as they usually do when girls, guys and relationships are involved, and it has got to a point where I had to write a post about it.

I really don't know how my friends (Me-shak and Y) feel about this matter, but it's deeply bothering me. I've never felt this kind of inability to just be happy and laugh my worries away. Very unnerving. And what's even more discomforting is that it's affecting my ability to think straight and write code! :/

Ok, 'nuff ranting. I hope this passes, and whatever Monday brings, I'm going to smile, be my sweetest self and laugh at everything that happens, for better or for worse! I might get slippers thrown at me, but at least I'll be laughing! :D