Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lilac skies and the end of November

Well, as I sit here writing this, I can't stop staring out the window at the beauty of the sky this evening... I'm home alone (again) and kinda bored, but relaxing after a hectic week. It's never easy to come out of a year of doing basically nothing, is it? ;) Couldn't be bothered watching the match, I mean an innings and 144 runs? gimmi a break! :/ Aaaanyways, I was planning to be all holiday-fying in December but by the look of things that doesn't seem like a possibility. This will be the first time since the O/Ls that I'll be working in December and it must be the first time ever that I'd be working the whole month. Well, better get used to it son! It's not like employed people get vacations anyway, is it? :)

Uni's been good, it's good to be around books and laptops and seniors who seem to have nothing but their presentations on their mind. Yikes, I'd be having to do those in an year too!!! But seriously, it feels good to be doing something productive again... :D

Ok, I'm going to end this by apologising to you peeps for this completely boring and pointless 'journal entry'...hopefully I have better stuff to write about *wink* next time! :)