Friday, November 6, 2009


Err, this exam I sat for about a week ago had a section based on cryptography... it was easy to crack, basically the order of the alphabet had been advanced by 2 or 3 letters (?) so that A became C and B became D and C became E and so on... so ACE would be spelt CEG... I dunno about the other guys, but me being the geek that I am had fun with that part! Too bad I could only complete 40-odd out of the total of 50 within the one hour time limit! ;) lol

Anyway, I've been using ciphers for a long time... this one is particularly easy to crack for anyone with basic knowledge of the Greek alphabet... except moi! I can't decipher most of the stuff I write down in this, and recently burned a diary that was entirely written in this code because I was convinced that anyone but the intended reader (me) could read it... :/ funny noh?

A thousand apologies for murdering the Queens of England, Greece, and any others due to this! lol ;)

p.s. check out today's xkcd! I think it's brilliant! :D