Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My favorite Twittebrity @Pseud0random tagged me and so here's the wordle of my tweets:

Wordle of my tweets via

Interesting Stats:
  • I have 26 twooshes (tweets where all 140-characters have been used)
  • My top five words are: lol, rt, good, hehe, haha. (I'm a happy fellow no?)
  • My top five hashtags: #pakcricket, #t20, #xkcd, #internetbeatles, #stupidthingsido.
  • I have tweeted exactly 2222 times in the month of July! :D
Complete stats can be viewed here

So I'm going to take a leaf from 'Ze Book of Dili' and not tag anyone... coz it's way too much work to do the whole thing (tweetstats, then wordle, then screenshot, then upload) but if you think your up to the challenge, then consider it an open tag... ;)