Saturday, August 15, 2009

I dunno what to call this...

OK, I just woke up early morning and this was twirling in my head and I just had to put it out there:

dude let's overthrow the government!

OK, now I know that your either laughing, closing this tab (DOOOOON'T!!!) or calling the Army HQ to tell them about a possible Coup attempt or something... :S ok I really don't wanna be dragged away in a white van so I'd keep this short and in-(or un-?)subversive as possible...

So I assume everybody's watched at least one movie about America's "War of Independence" right? It was one of those grassroots movements where people of all castes and creeds and professions (from the fancypants New York lawyer to the farmer from Virginia) got together, took their muskets along and overthrew the colonial government. After they did that, they wrote the most perfect constitution in recorded history... how perfect you ask? it has been amended only 27 times in the USA's 233 year existence. (in comparison ours, which is only 32 years old, has been amended 17 times already!)

Now let me get to the point. The people who wrote that document were the same that had fought in the war. And they were basically everyday people, who understood the problems that everyday people go through. That's why the constitution was begun with a "We the people" not "We the Barons" or "We the Noblemen" or stuff like that... And that's why the constitution itself provides Americans with freedom from government and basic rights that nobody can take away from them. It emphasizes "Individual Freedom" over "Government Intervention" and that instills that "I don't want the government messing with me!" attitude that ordinary Americans have, and makes America the "Land of the free", the world's most Libertarian country...

Now compare the situation here. We were basically a feudal society till 1505 (1815 in the Kandyan Provinces) and when the colonial powers took over they continued with that excising framework of control... basically why fix something that's been working for like 2000 years right? And when they gave us Independence in 1948, they gave it to a bunch of Elitist Noblemen. Who's the biggest savior of the peasants? Bandaranaike? oh didn't you know, he was like the richest and most powerful of them all! and the man who wrote (or should I say enacted?) our present constitution (which gives downright dictatorial powers to the Executive President I should add) was a part of that government that got us independence in 1948... man! like how cool is that??!

Now that you've got the background, here's what we're missing out on: citizens who give a damn about their rights, and who'd take it up with the government if they thought that their freedoms and way of life were at threat. And what have we got in this country? peasants who just go "Keep your head down son and the government will fix everything someday"! I hate it! I want a proactive citizenry who'd have tea parties and demonstrations, who'd ask tough questions from their Senators at their local town halls! I want a freaking government that UNDERSTANDS that it's only in power as long as the people consent to it and is hence kept in check. Is this all too much to ask for?

Yeah, you may go ahead and dial the Army now... :P