Wednesday, August 26, 2009

random post #59

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I didn't have much to write about recently, well I did, but I chose not to on the blog, since the whole thing is kinda a fluid situation. Once it resolves itself (peacefully I hope! lol) I'd be really happy about it and then forget about it really fast as well! :D

Ok, I know that paragraph didn't make any sense but I'll keep it anyways for future reference... ;)

since this is a random post, it doesn't really have any topic, but looking at the last random post, I dunno, I feel like it's gotta have one, so here goes:

Blogger is finally growing up!

My favorite blogging service turned 10 just 3 days ago, and it's rolling out some impressive stuff to celebrate its birthday. Already we've seen hubbub (an impressive new feature that will turn your RSS feeds into real time streams! or in non-geek language: deliver your blogposts to your blog's readers lightning fast!), one click sharing of your favorite posts on Google Reader via blogger or twitter, and a new label cloud feature, but non of them have been as impressive as I anticipated. Plus, my flash based moving tag cloud (does anyone over at have this? no? hoo hoo! :D lol) makes the label cloud redundant...

So here are my bets on what they're going to roll out in the next few weeks (or rather what I want to see them roll out!) -
  • static pages (w00t! w00t!)
  • better (ok ok Wordpress-style then) comment moderation (not that I'm going to use it! I don't delete comments... EVER! - unless they're spam)
  • nested comments
  • aand greater Google Analytics incorporation (something like a traffic info gadget...)

A complete list of suggested improvements can be seen here.

This was a useless post, but I'm going to publish it anyway! ;)

Footnote: just found out that the people who first created Blogger at Pyra Labs, went on to create Twitter... interesting! :)