Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A quick one, while he's away

Enough with the classic rock references already? ;)

Ok, I'm running out of time (have to leave for uni within the hour) so I'll make this quick. The past month was a feeble attempt (that almost succeeded) to kill the blog. Yeah, bad Chavie. Not that I haven't been busy, oh I have been oh so busy. Between exams, assignments and learning a myriad of ways to sort and search data, I've had little time to breathe and play the occasional game of Civ. Did I mention that I got addicted to Civ in the middle of all of that? Yeah, so all the free time I had was spent producing artillery to bombard the enemy's capital and be a general dick to everyone on the map. But I digress.

The reason I was away was that I didn't want to deal with all the emotional shenanigans that have been taking place behind the screens all around this place we call the blogosphere. But all of that is behind me now, and I've found out that all it takes is a couple of nice friends to express their confidence in your character for you to move on. So "Screw the misunderstander(s), I'm going home!" (Yeah, I've started watching South Park too... awesome doesn't cut it!).

Aaaanyway, since I'm so good at giving promises and breaking them, I won't tell you that September will be a post-filled month. But hopefully, for the sake of my sanity (oh how I've missed ranting on this thing), it will be.