Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bus route 99

More about the title later.

As the absence of posts in the last couple of days have suggested, I had a pretty awesomely busy weekend. Went to watch 'Bambara Walalla' with a friend on Saturday, and I have to say it was pretty good. Don't want to reveal any plot details, but at the end I felt a cocktail of emotions about how everyone acted. It's just that there is an absolute lack of any black or white characters, and all you see are various shades of grey. And the brightness and contrast of this grey picture changes abruptly with the plot twists and turns. Ok, I've said enough, methinks. If you're one of those people wait ages for a quality Sinhala movie comes, go catch this one. It's not perfect but it's one of the best I've ever seen. (Note: Regal, where I saw it, had English subtitles. So don't worry about the language issue). And the film was followed by a hastily organized blogger meetup on Sunday. Things are getting regular again, which I dig... :)

Ok, so Bus route 99. Colombo to Badulla (I've seen a couple of Welimada buses too)

You get on at Fort (or where I live, coz it passes in front of my house) get down in Kalupahana, trek up the 'Devil's staircase' to Horton Plains, camp, mess around in the highlands and take train from Ohiya back to Colombo. There, instant holiday. What say you, Meshak? ;)

Excuse the pointless post. Hopefully I'll get to write about how Meshak, Inosh and I ate a whole bag of 'gal siyambala' inside the networking lab soon! :D