Thursday, September 30, 2010

When September ends...

...don't wake me up, I be exhausted and sleepy. The past 30 days have been perhaps the most hectic of my life, but thankfully it's all over now and October will be the month of waking up at 10 am and never leaving home unless it's for something fun. ;) So technically we're supposed to be on study leave, but who studies during study leave anyway? That's what the night before the exam is for! :D

Anyway, amidst all the chaos, I managed to make it to the book fair, got blown away by the literally madness (more like the breeze at Galle Face where we went after) and contrary to popular belief that I'm an illiterate hobo, walked home with a copy of Shehan Karunatilaka's Chinaman. He's perhaps the only person who's won both a Gratiaen prize AND a TNL Onstage. I'm glad I was busy, since I would've written a post about how absoflippinglutely freaking brilliant the book was, but I would never have made it sound as good as Indi did in his review.

Anyway, I better get to bed now... long long day ahead, many bugs to squash. I fell short of my target number of posts for September by about 7, guess this means I should set more realistic targets for next month. ;)