Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting my blog legs (back) on

Getting back, sitting down and actually writing a post is not easy. And it doesn't help when you think about the people reading, and try to please the reader, without realising that what pleases them the most is just you being you. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding this.

I've wanted to write an update about the (non-existent) love life of mine for sometime now. Baring out personal stuff on the blog can be hard, especially since more and more people from real life start reading the blog, and the regular bloggers are becoming an ever bigger part of my real life. Not that I mind that, but you can't just chuck stuff out there and not deal with the consequences anymore. So you have to really stand by what you write, and I never stand by anything I say, so... problem! ;)

Sorry about the mess I made up there trying to express myself. It's times like these that makes you realise that no matter what, one hundred posts on (ah we're getting to the real point now) you're still learning. With every post you write, every comment you receive, you realise more and more that you're still an infant in the vast blogosphere. You're still learning, you're still understanding yourself and what sort of a person/blogger you are. And that's what keeps people going in this business, I guess. :)

I don't want to drag this post, but there's a vast backlog of things I need to write about, and now that I've gotten going, I'm tempted to tack them on to this post. I really shouldn't!

So I'll end this by saying a heartfelt "Thank You!" to everyone who's stuck with me. There were ugly times, there were useless snippets and posts with wild unverified claims chucked up carelessly into the 'sphere, and there sure was a load of male PMSing, hidden behind jargon (I hate that word so much!) to disguise it's true meaning. I can give you promises that I can't keep, tell you that it won't happen again, but like I said: I'm still learning. This is a totally unplanned spontaneous journey, and you don't know if you'd end up in Arugam Bay or just Wellawatta beach. Let's just hope that it's the former.