Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dr. Sheldon Cooper FTW.

I've watched all the episodes released so far in the last couple of days, and BOY I can't wait till Friday to see the next one!!! :D Long lost television addiction, here I come! :D

Talking of television, I suck for missing last night's drama involving Mervyn, "kukku", Dayasiri and Kauda Bole Ajith. Though watching it all on YouTube makes up for it somewhat. ;)

P.S. I dunno why but the character I root for the most is Howard Wolowitz. I guess it's because I know where he's coming from. ;P

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Right royally screwed

My last exam is tomorrow and I have:

a) Studied anything - negative
b) Done at least one past paper - nope
c) Watched the entire first season of Big Bang Theory in one day - check!

Oh boy.

On a happier note, I hope I'll be seeing many of you at the upcoming Beyond Borders theatre production titled "Patriot". It's happening next Tuesday at 5.30 PM at the BC Audi. The last one, "Elected" was a blast and you'd be crazy to miss this one. :) Invites can be had at and you can check out their Facebook page here.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Is the name of the theme I'm using on Linux, but that's of no consequence to this post really.

I just went through this awesome mind trip, a trip that took me through the beautiful mind of one of the most beautiful people I know. As I gaze at the squirrel trying to eat the breadcrumbs my neighbour has left him, I'm trying to make something out of it. This huge new chunk in my universe. The squirrel drops the crumb.

You meet these people in life who are so amazing that it takes a long time for you to absorb them and then figure out if it's wise to still hang around. My usual gag reflex is to welcome with open arms, but I'm older and less naive than I once was. Does it come down to jealousy? Maybe my childhood stories aren't so epic, maybe I've never met so many people, maybe my family is dull and conventional. Does it really matter? Does it make me inferior? Why do I have this mad urge telling me that I need to grab a piece of you while you last?

I've made this mistake a lot, bitten off more than I could chew. I need to be cautious. I need to take this slow. Whenever I say something I do the exact opposite, so I guess things won't be taken slow after all.

On an unrelated and mundane note, I hate this attitude about exams that I have. This I-know-all-you-can't-fail-me bullshit is going to get me stuck in a very very sticky hole soon enough. Oh joy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


If I put all the meetup stories into little comic strips, I would be able to post one a day for about two whole years, me thinks. :D

Anyway, here's something that happened last Friday, and please note that Makuluwo looks much better in real life (disclaimer, just in case... lol)

Well it was funnier when it actually happened. ;)

And in the mean time, exams continue, illness sucks and discussing what you shat and why you shat it with your parents can be real uncomfortable sometimes. Tudu!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This has become a bit of an unhealthy obsession of mine, so I'm going to type it all out without holding it all in. I wouldn't blame anyone if they called me mad after reading all of this. And as for the all-important question: "WHY are you so bothered with this Chavie?", I have no idea mate. I wish I did.

(Copied from a Google doc I had made to keep track of my obsession, and edited to make it suitable for the blog)


It was the end of our Foundation course at uni and exams were upon us. We had them in the 15th floor, the highest I had been to on the building till that point in time.

First sighting: 2x/12/2009 at around 7.30ish AM - Whole central mountain range clearly visible from 15th floor. Had phone but wasn’t bothered to capture image, since I thought this was a fairly common occurrence.


Further sightings eluded me for almost a whole year. It was rather disappointing, but I would return day after day and the first thing I would do is look out the window. I was getting obsessed. Then, on one bright blue morning, the first day of October, I knew I might have a spotting on my hands.

Second sighting: 01/10/2010 at around 7.30ish AM - Peaks partially visible from 12th floor. Took camera even but didn’t take any photographs. Glare was too much (the sun having risen up just behind the mountains) when the window was opened. :(

Common phenomena

I observed that on both occasions heavy rain had occurred the night before. No cloud cover at all in the morning, brilliant sunlight (Not the usual bright tropical sunlight you get in this part of the world, this light is unnaturally bright and powerful.)

Why are they so rare: my little half-baked theory

Although most mornings are clear and cloudless, a constant smog (or haze, IDK) seems to hang over Colombo (and the countryside surrounding it), obstructing our view of anything beyond the Malabe hillocks. On most normal days it will be there from the morning till 5.30 when we leave. I believe this is a testament to how humid and wet our little island is.

Now this is where the whole rain-on-the-night-before comes in handy. The rain and cooling of the water vapour forces the haze clouds down to ground level, clearing the atmosphere. This would explain the ultra-clear skies and powerful sunlight. (The moment I saw that weird light on the morning of the 10th, I knew I would get lucky that day.) The trick to getting a good clear view of the mountains is to make sure you get to the Towers before the bright sunlight evaporates the water droplets from last night’s rain and recreates the haze. This is where I succeeded first time around, and failed (by perhaps 15 minutes or so) on the second.

It bothers me that sightings are so rare and only seem to occur (approximately) during the inter-monsoonal season. And that, my friends, is where it stands now. I just hope that during the 4 days on which we have morning exams in October, one would be clear, blue, and with brilliant sunlight.