Friday, July 2, 2010


This week has been rather hectic. Some idiot waited till my uni started to blow up the bokkuwa in Kattiya junction, turning the previously super high speed 138 bus route into a messy bumper-to-bumper situ just before Nugegoda. Oh joy. Gone are the days when 45 minutes and two dozen bucks could get you from here to Town Hall. sigh!

The result has been the Father and I having to use alternate routes to get to Uni. Hence passing through Nawala. Hence thinking that I spotted a certain blogger. Hence putting up a status update on Facebook regarding that. Hence leading to a friend of mine asking me what my URL is. #anonymityfail

And like Y said today, I'm not my usual upbeat self. I don't know why, but I guess apathy happens. You start listening to the same old songs waiting for a person who only exists in your dreams to sprout out of the ground. You start disliking people, but they throw one smile at you and you go all wonky. You tell yourself that you don't care about what others say, but flip out when they throw a passing remark about the way you're dressed. You force-feed yourself for a month in the hope of being less epically underweight, only to find that you're just a kilogram heavier. You get into the same bus as that girl whom you used to like a bit, and realise that just two days ago she didn't get into that same bus because you were inside it. *facepalm*

I know this isn't the most appropriate song for the occasion, but to hell with that. Imagine that asking for rain is the main point of the whole song and enjoy! ;)