Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goings on

This morning, noticed to my horror that a gecko had been totally flattened by the door. Idiot that I am, told Ammi. We had a big argument as to who was going to clean up. Both of us refused to budge, which automatically meant that I was there 2 minutes later, with pan and brush in hand. The corpse fell after a bit, but the tail refused to budge, even after multiple strokes with the brush! It was so spectacular that I would've posted pics, IF I hadn't almost thrown up... (thankfully I had an empty stomach at the moment, my kidneys still hurt from the experience)

Stupid geckos!

Ummm... During my time away from blogging, time I spent mostly at Computer class getting ready for the practical exam, I drank something for the first time, and it:
  1. It tasted god-awful (well actually worse than I thought it'd be... lol)
  2. It didn't give me the desired effect, won't ever BUY it! (just like dragonfruit, so!)
  3. Mom would've been furious if she knew I drank that... *shivers in fear*
  4. Made me go all hyperactive (think insanely throwing paperballs right in front of sir's face) and made me say the f-word out loud (in the middle of a class mind you!) four times after I drank it! :S
wanna guess what it was?

Little did I know that a week later my computer sir would accuse me of "confusing everybody else" because all the other retards had decided to use MY database for their exams. of course, non of them had the guts to stand up and say that they had taken the database from me (with my consent, but that doesn't really matter does it?) and were simply asking me for technical assistance. So poor old me ended up "nakadi pusi"... My friend told me that he had never seen sir meltdown like that, he was pretty much shouting at me at the top of his voice for a good 15 minutes. I still have my doubts that it all had something to do with the paperball incident... lol! :D

This post is kinda retarded because it's 3 useless posts abridged into 1 useless post. The first part happened today, I'm still feeling all puke-y! :(