Friday, December 6, 2013

Love is a word

This is very crude, I blame it on not writing anything for ages.

Spend a lifetime with me? You know I can't marry you, love.

Not exactly what I meant. You can still experience a lifetime within a few days. Ah, fancy poetry to get me to put out?

Surely there's more to life than what consumerist propaganda has taught us? You sound like Harold now. Maybe there is hope still for marriage.

I'd much rather be grouped with Harold than accept that the pinnacle of human empathy and connection occurs during naked fumbling around. Such a travesty, no?

Don't tell me you haven't seen it with the cats dude! That look they give you... Of grudging but complete trust, the "you'll look after me, right?" eyes. Stoner.

Come on, you must h... Of course I have, asshat. For someone who claims to have fallen in love with me for the braaaaainz, you give me precious little credit. Look at you, appropriating my voice as an outlet for your own little insecurities. And now you're making me rant like an angsty teenager too. Bravo! I hope you feel good about yourself.