Monday, December 21, 2009

Who would've thought...

...that Tharanga and Dilshan would make such a good opening pair? (especially those who knew the 'back-story'...) ;)

...that the Pannipitiya flyover would get finished during our lifetime? And now, thanks to the election, looks like it finally will! :/

...that politicians would be so good at shooting themselves in the foot? WE ALL DID!!! :D Some golden quotes:
  • "Gota ordered them to be shot" - Gen. S. F.
  • "The President's Fund has paid for Sarath's daughters' education in the US, and still does" - Gota (Awesome!!! People are dying without medicine and you'd much rather spend OUR money on your little puppy?!)
  • "The biggest threat to our nation's environment, which is terrorism, has been successfully eradicated" - King M. (O RLY??! I thought your own ministers cut down more acres of rainforest a month than the LTTE managed to down in 30 years!)
  • "The General called us and asked what to do when Homeland Security wanted to interview him" - JVP (okaaaay, so you're saying that he would've told them everything had you told him to go ahead with it?)
okaaay, this post is getting too political for my liking... bleh! :/ It looks like we're going to lose the match, and I have exams next week! 3 days after Christmas! Not cool, not cool at all! :(

But in the midst of it all, I'm happier than I let show... isstrange! Must be my friends, I really don't appreciate them as much as I should! :)

Merry Christmas everyone!