Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was about to go out and get a haircut, but it just started raining and buses + rain are not my ideal combination at 9 in the morning... Buuuut, whatever.

I finished reading like 50% of Questionable Content (from 600-something to the latest) and I love it!!! You really don't know who's gonna grab Faye's boobs next do ya? ROFL! xD So, I've been kinda glued to the PC for the last 3 days and mum called me an addict and made a big fuss about it. And she leaves today and tells me to go get a haircut. In the rain! Now you get why I'm whining ya? :)

Watched the Star Trek movie yesterday and I think I'm gonna be a trekkie... Woohoo! :)

aaaaaaaaand Firefox 3.5 (the greatest browser ever btw) apparently has a big security hole so don't panic, just follow the instructions here to patch up for now... DO NOT UNINSTALL FIREFOX AS IT MAY BLOW UP YOUR COMPUTER!!!

bad joke? :S