Monday, February 23, 2009

The Black Forest... :P

So I wasn't in a mood to blog of late, a very good friend of mine has been going through some really hard times, and it makes you stop for a while and think about the fragility of life, and how a seemingly trivial event can change someone's life forever. Well, I am 18 after all, and death hasn't been a prominent part of life for me. Trapped in our little protective bubbles we tend to forget that life is but a temporary guest-house in a long and arduous journey...

And last Friday, while the air-raid was on, and my friends were complaining about being stuck at BC audi and not being able to listen to the bands, I was sitting at home, in a suburb far away from the action, and watching it on tv/the blogs as it happened. Here was something that excited me greatly [stream of consciousness: planes! explosions!! planes+explosion!!!], something that I had read about so much, something about which whole movies have been made... and everyone ran outside to watch the seemingly harmless "fireworks", until the blind bullets snatched away 2 young lives from us... a seemingly trivial thing to someone looking at it from afar, yet a life changing situation for the people caught up in the middle of it all... kinda reminds me of how we watch in awe and glee when they show our laser guided bombs smash buildings to pieces, yet never think about the people that lay buried beneath the rubble, gasping for one last breath...

And no, I do not blame the government for anything that happened that night. People would argue that having SAM sites in unpopulated areas like the Wilpattu or using IGLAs would've been a safer and sure fire way to bring down the tigers, but they came, we had nothing to throw at them, and I think the gunners did an excellent job finishing them off with the little resources that we did have. May this cursed war end soon...

P.s: Why is the post entitled "the black forest" you ask? well this blog post went through four revisions, in the course of which I went through a lot of grief and thinking. Yet a friend's status message on Facebook made me forget it all and laugh for a while. It read: "Don't know yet about life, how can i know about death. She's got half the Black Forest hanging out of her armpits..." lol ;)

P.p.s: Oh and I have to mention it here, TRALE '09 was an immense success, and around 1400 people had attended the event. I just want to thank everyone who helped us, our teachers, the donors, the sponsors, the well wishers and most of all the people who came, for making the event the success that it was. Thank you! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get On Your Boots & Get Down To TRALE!

Well, watched a bit of the video for "Get on Your Boots" from U2's upcoming album, sounded a bit like Vertigo without the nice melodies... These guys seriously need to get some new riffs... :)

Anyhow, I hated Coldplay's "Violet Hill" when I first heard it, but it turned out the "Viva la Vida" album was anything BUT Violet Hill-ish... and in my opinion, it WAS the best album of 2008, and probably the 2nd best by Coldplay after Parachutes... (yea I know a lot of people might disagree with me on that one, but there's some quiet haunted feel to Parachutes that always makes me feel good...)

And on a completely unrelated note, all you Miniature Railroad and Aeronautical buffs are warmly invited to the TRALE '09 exhibition that opened yesterday. Today's the final day (it'll go on till 9 PM), so if you have some time to kill, and wouldn't mind all the little kiddies running around from one exhibit to another, I suggest you head down to the Small Club Grounds at STC Mount Lavinia.


Friday, February 20, 2009

and the Oscar goes to...

So there I was, watching Bill O' going on and on with Dennis Miller... and what struck me was these guys' pure contempt for Slumdog Millionaire. and they made no secret of it either, I had heard Bill on a previous occasion (I think before the Golden Globes) saying something about Slumdog not deserving the best picture win. Do I smell racial Supremacism?

On a completely unrelated note, check out Roadie #42's blog at the Coldplay site. looks like everyone at the War Child charity concert got a lot more than they bargained for...